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October data
DIP-CIB Series
IGBT Module NFM Series for high frequency application
GaAs HBT Mobile phone power amplifier module for W-CDMA applications
XMD-MSA compliant 10-Gbps Electroabsorption Modulator Laser Diode (EA-LD) Module
DWDM SFP optical transceiver
10 Gbps Direct Modulation Laser Diode Driver IC
3.5 GHz band 30 W internally matched GaAs FET for WiMAX base station power amplifier
7.2 V operation high-output MOSFETs for commercial radios
12.1/15.0 type ultra high intensity TFT-LCD Module with edge light system for industrial use

June data
“7.2V Operation High-Output MOSFETs” for Commercial Radios

May data
10.2kV High Insulation Package HVIGBT
From -20°C to 95°C Operation Version 1.55�m Band DFB-LD for 2.5Gbps
XFP-E (Extended) 10Gbps Optical Transceiver
270 mW Red Laser Diode for Recording DVD Slim Drive
High Gain 4 Pin for Subsequent Stage Flat Package Low-Noise HEMT

October data
CDMA2000 1x system 2 GHz band power amplifier for cellular phone handset
Power amplifier for N-CDMA United States 800 MHz band capable cellular phone handset
High power optical modulator integrated laser diode for 10 Gbps transmission
Semiconductor acceleration sensor
PS2205X series
1.7kV HVIGBT N series

March data
16x writing-speed double layer DVD±R red 350mW laser
DFB-LD for 2.5Gbps CWDM 85°C operation version
Ultra compact DIP-IPM Ver.4 for appliance inverter
Improved input noise tolerance transistor array
September data
High-voltage 6.5kV, 600A HVIGBT
Low-voltage power MOSFET module
600V low-voltage half-bridge driver
Transmission power amplifier for W-CDMA system mobile phone terminals
Red high-power semiconductor laser for 16X-speed record type DVD device
60W output power amplification module for VHF band wireless radio
April data
6/7-Element IGBT module NF series
200mW LD for DVD recorders
Substrate for modules

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